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Have you ever known anyone that takes Viagra? I'm talking about guys that take it because they need to. Like guys in their 50's. I know a couple guys that take it and brag about it. I'm not their age yet so maybe I just don't understand, but I personally wouldn't be telling people that I need to take a pill to get a boner.


There's this commercial for Viagra where a man and woman that look to be in their late 40's are sitting there watching TV. They kind of give each other a couple of glances from opposite sides of the room. He picks up the remote and turns off the TV and then throws the remote outside. She's looking at him like, "Oh you animal..." She gets up and this is the moment you know it's on... she throws the phone outside. Is this what people really do? Just throw your possessions outside and possibly ruin them because, hey, it's time to fuck. But they don't fuck right away... no, they do the tango. In the kitchen. I know that always gets me rock hard... doing the tango in the kitchen with my lady.


For years I watched my team, the Atlanta Braves on TBS. They're not on anymore. Why not? Right now TBS is showing the Yankees and the Indians. I don't get it. Would WGN ever stop showing the Cubs?  No.