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So there's this show that I'm sure many of you have seen on the Sci-Fi Channel called Ghost Hunters. For years I've watched this show and have been amazed by some of the evidence of the paranormal they've uncovered. After awhile the two main characters start to wear on you a little. The fat, bald one is named Jason and he's an asshole. He tries to portray himself as this big badass, but in reality he's this tubby little 5' 8" guy. Grant, his little, annoying maggot of a sidekick is even smaller and has the personality of the kid on your grade school basketball team that was always like, "anything for the team, coach." Anyway these guys portray themselves as above reproach in the ghost hunting field and that they go in trying to disprove a haunting, therefor making any evidence they do find 100% ironclad. I've recently come across information that these guys fake some of their so called evidence. Look at this link and see for yourself... (**UPDATE** The link no longer works because of copyright reasons.  It's funny you can see other videos but the one that proves they faked something has a copyright problem.  Yeah.)  I've read that when the production company, Pilgrim Television that produces the show Ghost Hunters were looking for a team to do the show, they first went to a ghost hunting group in California and were turned down because in the contract it stated they would have to fake some evidence. So they brought in TAPS, headed by the aforementioned assholes Jason and Grant. Apparently TAPS didn't have a problem with faking things. Now I've had people watch the show with me and see things like a table move and say it had to be faked. I would argue on TAPS behalf saying that they are for real and genuine. Now I like to think of myself as a halfway intelligent guy, but apparently in regards to TAPS and the show Ghost Hunters I was a complete imbecile. I will never again watch this show unless it is to find reasons to make fun of them. To Jason and Grant I give you my middle finger.

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