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Everywhere you go there are assholes. Assholes at work... assholes at the store... assholes on the road. Are assholes even aware that they're assholes? Or have they been assholes so long that it's just become who they are in their core being? Don't you sometimes just feel like punching an asshole right in his face? And why are all assholes male? I suppose it's because a female asshole would technically be a bitch, but that's another post. The worst kind of asshole is one that is your boss. He knows there is really nothing you can do about it if you value your job at all. Some assholes are subversive in their assholishness. It's the little snide comments as you walk away. That kind of asshole is usually small in physical stature and that's why they can't just come out and be a blatant asshole because they would get their ass kicked a lot. Assholes seem to be growing in number so maybe it's time we actually do start punching them in their faces to keep them in check.

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