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So everyone knows a few years ago that Art Modell packed up the Cleveland Browns and moved them to Baltimore to become the Ravens. Then a few years later Cleveland was awarded a new franchise by the NFL which they named the Browns. Same name, new team. Here's my problem... the new Cleveland organization as well as the fans and the media act like it's the same organization, but it's not. That team and their history belongs to the Baltimore Ravens. I tuned in to a Cleveland game earlier this season and they were celebrating the history of the Cleveland Browns as if it was their own. They even paid special tribute to Paul Brown, who started the original Cleveland team, naming it after himself, (what if his name would have been Boganski?) Paul Brown didn't even stay with Cleveland. He owned the Cincinnati Bengals. They were even honoring former Cleveland great players. Aren't the Cleveland fans, media and even the NFL deluding themselves and acting as if Art Modell never moved the team and they've been there all along?

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