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So I made a comment about the +Mark “and Lynda” Thompson podcast, ( yesterday that really got Lynda pissed off at me.  First, I'll give you a little background... Mark and Lynda did their Christmas podcast the other day and leading up to it Lynda had made several comments about how their grown children, who are not a regular part of the show, had to not yell so much on this years Christmas show.  They ended up playing Christmas trivia and their oldest daughter was really getting into it and was yelling really loudly no matter how many times they told her to stop.  I made a comment on their website saying how annoying it was to listen to.  Lynda saw the comment and then read this blog and saw that I said she's "really fucking stupid" and "dumber than a box of rocks."  I was completely out of line and wrong.  I love Mark and Lynda's show and I was being a real asshole.  So anyway, she wasn't too happy with me.  Lynda... I apologize.

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