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So whatever happened to Mark & Brian who had the syndicated radio show based out of KLOS radio in Los Angeles?

Well, they're both doing podcasts now.  Brian, with Jill Whelan, who was Captain Stubing's daughter on "The Loveboat".  Mark is doing his podcast with his wife, Lynda.

When you listen to both shows you quickly come to realize that Mark had a lot more to do with the content of the Mark & Brian Show than most people realized.  And you also realize that Brian's humor is not nearly as funny when Mark isn't there to laugh at it. 

I actually can't really stand listening to Brian and Jill's podcast.  It's just not that funny and they both get on your nerves.  On the other hand, "The Mark and Lynda Podcast" ( is addicting.  Mark, the radio god, has his ego kept in check by Lynda.  Together, along with producer Jordan Ryan, they have created a daily hour and a half of fun, laughter and sometimes even tears.

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