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So there was quite a bit of fanfare last September when Art Bell started a new late night talk show on SiriusXM.  SiriusXM saw a huge spike in subscriptions when the king of late night radio announced he was coming back. 

During the first month or so, there were a couple of the sudden and mysterious illnesses that kept him off the air for a night or two, (just like old times).

On Halloween we even got to hear another Ghost to Ghost show, now renamed Spooky Matter, (named after the title of the new SiriusXM show, Dark Matter).

But alas, that was it for Art Bell.  He performed another one of his disappearing acts.  He made some excuse about it was too hard for people to call in and when it's a call-in talk show you need callers.  It seemed the lines were always full though.

Could it be after a few weeks of a grueling four day work week, Art Bell decided he would rather go back to doing nothing?

Apparently now his lawyers are working around the clock to get him released from his non-compete agreement with SiriusXM, but I doubt we will ever hear Art Bell again on the airwaves, the satellites or the internet.

What the fuck, Art?

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