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What is it with these people on Facebook that are constantly being so annoying by doing things like posting a picture of a plate of food because they're at a restaurant?  Unless you're my child, I really don't give two fucks about your plate of food, (and honestly I don't care about my children's plate of food, either).  Or what about the person who makes all these comments kind of leading people to believe that they're suicidal?  The police get called.  They do a welfare check.  It was all Facebook, bullshit drama to get attention from the person that doesn't want to be in a relationship with them.  There's also the person that posts dozens of pictures of a couple of events and it makes it look like they lead this exotic life, full of adventure when in reality, they're sitting at home on the computer with snot running out of their nose while picking at a pesky zit on their ass.  Let's not forget the person who works out once a month and makes sure to post it every time they do.  And then there's the person that gives a play-by-play account of their daily life.  They'll say things like, had to run to the store to pick up some cous cous for tonight's dinner I'm making."  First of all... who gives a fuck?  Second of all... why don't they put things like, I just farted and it really stinks."  Or, "I just took the nastiest shit and my asshole is burning really bad."  If you're going to put your life on display, you might as well give us the whole thing.

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