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So you see this from time to time and we saw it yesterday in Green Bay.  It was around five degrees with a windchill factor of about -15 and you've got these guys running around the field with short sleeves.  Now I know guys like Eddie Lacy of the Packers say they want their bare skin touching the ball so they can feel it and not fumble.  Well how do most of the receivers wear long sleeves and not fumble the ball?  And then you've got a majority of the linemen with short sleeves and they almost never handle the ball.  Someone needs to let them know that we all know they're badasses.  You don't need to prove anything to anyone guys.  We get it.  You're the toughest of the tough and the baddest of the bad.  ESPN's Sports Science did a segment on being cold and trying to do physical things.  What it showed is that the colder you are your strength and reaction time are substantially affected.  So guys... stop trying to prove something everybody already knows and dress warm in the cold weather for fuck's sake.

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