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I'm constantly being asked by my fiancé, "Did you fart?"  First off, when I fart, everyone knows it was me.  You NEVER have to ask.  Secondly, I'm tired of being asked when it was clearly the dog.  How do I know it was the dog?  Because the smell is what we have come to call, "the garbage fart."  It doesn't actually smell like garbage so I'm not really sure why we call it that.  The strange thing is, the cat could be sitting right there and never once has anyone thought the cat farted.  So do cats not fart? 


Anonymous said...

lol, we call them toxic farts.

Christopher Smith said...

Thanks for the comment Anonymous!

brendon @ do cats fart said...

Hah ha...For people, farting in public can be an embarrassing situation, but we can imagine that isn't the same for our furry little friends. Farts smell bad because of bacteria inside the stomach. But bacteria aren’t always bad.